Our Cause

Pura means pure, we named it so for the pure water initiative we support. That's why we are proud partners with Charity Water, a UK based foundation. Our mission is to end the water crisis in our lifetime. 
85% of our profits go back into marketing to allow us grow the company and create more awareness of our brand and cause. This is important because the more drums we can sell the more we can donate. We then donate the final 15% of our profits to aid Charity Water's amazing work. Once we reach a certain level of awareness we will revisit the marketing and donation ratio and look to increase the amount donated to Charity Water.
Water is essential to life, yet 844 million people in the world - 1 in 9 - lack access to it. We are working every day to change this. We’re here to bring safe water and sanitation to all. By empowering people with this fundamental human need, we're helping provide families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.


We are about making a positive social impact and making history.
You can help to make a difference.
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