Our Story


Hi! I'm Amer, founder of  Pura Drums. Pura Drums was born out of a love for drum music and a passion for giving back. I want to bring the pure and mysteriously beautiful drum sounds I heard during my travels, to the world and use my proceeds to give back to a cause I really care about.

We are humble passionate makers of these beautiful steel drums and take much care and pride in each instrument we craft. Our drums and hand built in Nepal from incredibly eco friendly sustainable premium grade steel. Each drum is rigorously tested for sound perfection.

We are an ethical brand trying to create a difference in the world through these beautiful sound instruments that we proudly make. We believe music is the most powerful unifier of people and transcends all language barriers, cultural or religious divides, genders and age groups.

A few years ago I was in Jamaica where I met Deonde, an amazing steel drum player on the shores of Calabash Bay. The sounds he could play put me in a trance. I was hypnotized by the music and sat there all day listening to him playing as the waves gently crashed on the nearby shores.




The mystical sounds of these steel pans has been known to induce peace, create joy and transform perceptions. The instrument offers a full range of sounds from the melodic tones that aid in meditation to rhythmic stylings that inspire some to dance. Having friends who are yoga and meditation teachers in Brooklyn, who could really use the uplifting sounds in classes and gatherings and promote healing. I thought this would be a perfect gift and decided to purchase and bring one back with me to New York (best decision ever).

My friends were so amazed they wanted more and soon I had to start taking orders for them and their friends who claimed it helped ease work anxiety and depression. I realized then that this was a pure joy I simply needed to share with the world. A few months of labor later, Pura Drums was born.


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